Levette Lake
Testing the Waters
The lactic was rampantly present in everybody upon arrival but snacks were present.

This trip wasn’t intended to be on any level of #weouthere but regardless it was still rewarding to get out. The spot we wound up at was for sure a solid ride, with a good push of some #roadbikesoffroad to finish out as well, to boot it punched hard after highway kilometres through the majority of the ride.

That last punch was ruthless, ruthless enough to have some of us walking back down it the next day. It was roughly 4km and averaged 15% grade that ramps above 20% a few times. Knowing this, there were some very primo snacks bestowed upon us by those who came for the camp but not for the ride (they drove) since they were bringing things like home made bars, and doggos.


Solid punch for the last 4km. Very meticulous bennys from the Ferg. Orange was V on point. Climate change made this trip possible, normally this lake is frozen at this time, let alone how high that snowline was. DIY snacks bring great nourishment. Campfires always need to be responsibly hardstyled.



Levette Lake, Squamish, B.C.


Feb 28 / March 01 ‘15


84.25km & 2048m (one way)


8.2c avg temp.

In total the ride was about 82km each way. The intent of the ride was to test the waters with a group we put together that included Karen McCarthy, Kyle Scully, and me. We were working together for an upcoming project called Waypoints. We wanted to see how things panned out riding and camping together and this was a solid opportunity with great late winter weather. We didn’t want to exclude anybody from adventure though so there also were a slew of others who joined… in addition to those who drove. It panned out to be a solid crew out at the campsite and amusingly not a single cabin had lights on around the lake, or a single other campsite was occupied.

The lactic was rampantly present in everybody upon arrival and the spirit in everyone was sluggish when it came to setting up, but once we were settled in times were extraordinary. Spirits were high. Watching the sunset as the water shimmered with an orange and purple haze as the last of the light dipped behind the rugged ridges cutting its beams to shreds, we were reminded why we put together the original trip we were doing this litmus test for.

It was a great night filled with all the zen habits catering to nature experiences. Whisky, brews and dooooobs were abundant around the camp fire that evening, as were so many delicious recovery treats baked beforehand.

The following morning came far too soon as we all knew it was time to pack. The morning brews dripped and came with some great kick keeping our minds eye focused on the path and descent ahead. Once off the hill it was time to have an immediate stop at Fergies (Google that one) as we noticed that there were no cars lining the streets and a table may be a viable prospect. With this nourishment fit for the benny hunter we were able to project ourselves into the mundane circular motions to push down a trite paved road home.

This spot is seriously poppin’ in the summer time though. Summer gets a 4.8/10 Yulp

story by: @derekdix

photography by: @kylescully &  @derekdix